Academix leverages creativity, technology, and innovation to reshape the landscape of entertainment arts education, creative entrepreneurship, and career training.

Our mission addresses the urgent need for income equality and economic opportunity through (K-12) Arts education and enrichment programs, along with Career Training, Pre-Apprenticeship and Paid Internship opportunities for young adults (14-24). We prepare future generations of Creative Entrepreneurs using our proprietary BEAT Standards which introduce them to the fundamentals of Business, Entertainment, Arts, and Technology.

Academix Creative & Digital Infrastructure

Our Academix creative and digital infrastructure provides economic development opportunities through creative arts education, career training, paid internship programs, and partnerships. We partner with public, private, local, and state entities to develop comprehensive school-to-creative career pipelines.

Our Offerings include:

Music, Digital Media and Entertainment Arts Program

Entertainment Arts Pathways Majors (Expand for More Info):

Students will use analog, digital and electronic instruments, equipment, and software to learn the fundamentals of music theory, composition, production, recording, engineering and DJing. This program is designed to provide students with an interactive learning environment to help explore and cultivate their creative talents and interests using music.

This path introduces students to the theory and practice of film, video and content production. Participants will be expected to understand the industry terminology, camera operation, audio control, basic directing, lighting, and editing.

This pathway focuses on graphic design, animation and visual art media. Students are exposed to creative disciplines and occupations that use visual art, digital media, and web-based tools and materials as the primary means of communication and expression. This program requires the development of knowledge and skills in graphic design, animation, visual art, and emerging digital processes so students are able to create and communicate complex concepts in a broad range of skillsets, occupations, and professions.

We use music as an instrument to teach students how to code using various technology platforms and resources. Students are able to progress from basic to more advanced principals of coding and programming, in addition to its modern application in music, entertainment, gaming, and robotics.

In this pathway, students learn the fundamentals of Digital media and its significantly broad and complex impact on society and culture.

Digital media refers to any communication media that operate in conjunction with various encoded machine-readable data formats. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified, listened to, and preserved on a digital electronics device. Digital defines as any data represented by a series of digits, and media refers to methods of broadcasting or communicating this information. Together, digital media refers to mediums of digitized information broadcast through a screen and/or a speaker. This also includes text, audio, video, and graphics that are transmitted over the internet for viewing or listening to on the internet. Digital media platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch, accounted for viewership rates of 27.9 billion hours in 2020.

Examples of digital media include software, digital images, digital video, video games, web pages and websites, social media, digital data and databases, digital audio such as MP3, electronic documents and electronic books.

We train students to produce virtual and physical school events, which includes the planning, marketing, promotion, and technical aspects of sound, stage, and lighting.

In this pathway, students learn about the importance and value of ownership through writing and publishing of music, film, television, books, social media, content creation, and other original works.

Students with creative skillsets, who plan on monetizing their talents, require a unique understanding of creative entrepreneurship. Our business, financial literacy, and creative entrepreneurship training programs are specifically designed to teach students essential fundamentals using our proprietary BEAT Standards (Business, Entertainment, Arts, Technology).

K-12 Programs (Expand for More Info):

Our BEAT Lab Program incorporates standards aligned curriculum with on-campus creative spaces (dedicated classrooms) designed for music and digital media arts education, student learning, content creation, and collaboration. Students learn the fundamentals of creative skill development, collaboration and entrepreneurship through our proprietary BEAT Standards (Business, Entertainment, Arts and Technology).

Our BEAT Labs are designed to fit K-12 schools, parks, libraries, community centers and private locations as a program and/or on-site creative space.

Money Math is our proprietary program, which  introduces students to financial literacy using basic math principals.

Our Student Achievement Mentoring Program is a school-based prevention and intervention program for grades K-12. Programs are customized to fit Elementary (1-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12) and special needs students. Achievement Mentoring promotes academic achievement, self esteem and a transformative mindset by matching students with a qualified caring mentor who will support, encourage, and advocate for their success.

Our Music, Mind and Body initiative, in partnership with licensed therapists and counselors, help promote mental health and wellness through music. Many students are directly or indirectly impacted by trauma and would benefit from culturally relevant programming to positively shift their mindset and encourage them to heal, grow, and thrive.

Academix provides early awareness, exploration, education and training for students interested in creative career pathways. We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by connecting youth and young adults to apprenticeships, career training, and paid internship opportunities in music, media and entertainment.

Students work under the guidance of experienced industry professionals. Prior to qualifying for a paid internship opportunity, we recommend a series of soft skills, life skills, and industry skills training workshops for each student, which is provided by our staff.

Bridging The Gap is a professional development workshop for educators and administrators that helps bridge cultural and communication barriers between adults and students, while identifying helpful tools to positively navigate life experiences and encounters.

Bridging The Gap is designed to build positive connections and promote community care by training adults to effectively communicate with all youth, especially trauma impacted youth, system-impacted youth, and those at-risk of becoming system-impacted.

We work with schools, school districts, organizations, and municipal partners to create systematic change and improve the experience of youth and the adults who support them through workshops, recommendations, and implementation strategies.

Professional Development for Educators and Administrators (Expand for More Info):

Our 24-hour STEM TV Network helps reduce learning loss and provides academic support for K-12 students. The content, assignments, and tutorials are customized to fit individual school and district needs.

  • Custom School STEM TV Network (4 channels)
  • Custom Curated STEM Video Content (Lessons and Tutorials)
  • Pre-Recorded Teacher Lessons (optional)

Our customized school microsites are designed to showcase the creative talents and works of the student population. Please contact us to request a demo.

In addition to the customized STEM TV Network, we offer additional learning loss prevention and virtual tutoring resources to help improve academic achievement.

Building Creative Cities and Economies

Entertainment and Digital Media is the largest sector of California’s creative economy and one of its largest global exports, but there is a severe underinvestment in the infrastructure to educate, develop and train future generations of creatives, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

See 2022 OTIS Report
(Expand for More Info):

We are a full-service industry sector partner and provider for creative arts education, creative career exploration, entrepreneurship training, and other development services.

With over 30 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry, we combine our expertise, network, and resources to prepare students for creative and career pathways in the music, media and entertainment industry.

We believe that through exploration and arts education, students are able to discover new passions, develop their creativity, and amplify their artistic expression. The self confidence they gain from this experience translates across all aspects of life and leads to a deeper sense of meaning and happiness.

Academix partners with education, community and civic organizations to build comprehensive (K-16) creative arts education programs and school-to-creative careers pipelines to increase the odds for student success, academic achievement, and enrichment.

As a community partner, we have a shared goal of increasing academic performance, strong social-emotional awareness and management, creative expression, self-confidence and a positive cultural identity. Our programs are designed to create real-world experiences for students to enhance their connection between school and life after graduation.

Our programs are designed to offer a broad overview so students have the opportunity to explore their creative interests before selecting a specific pathway within this industry sector.

Our programs are designed for participants to improve and increase their skills in a particular area, while exploring a broad scope of creative career pathways in different industries. Each program incorporates a sequence of exercises and courses in a specialized field that builds industry knowledge and creative skill sets, progressing in complexity from basics to more advanced topics, concepts, and work-based learning exercises. Courses can be taught by working industry professionals or experienced teaching artists who are proficient in their field of specialization.

We pair passions with professions by placing students based on their areas of interest and proficiency. We help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the entertainment industry by connecting youth and young adults to pre-apprenticeship and paid internships in the music, media and entertainment industry.

Upon the successful completion of our “Entertainment Industry Career Training”, participants will qualify for placement into pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, or paid internships, to prepare them to enter the workforce in the music, media and entertainment industry.

Employment: We expose students to creative career pathways and help them develop a career plan to advance from “Entry Level to Executive” positions in the music, media and entertainment industry.

College and Post-Secondary Education Alternatives

Academix develops K-12, Dual Enrollment, and Post-Secondary alternatives to inspire future generations of creative entrepreneurs. Our mission is to reshape the landscape of entertainment arts education, creative entrepreneurship, and career training.

Our Virtual College Summit is designed to provide high school students with information about the application, financial aid, and other student resources available to prepare and qualify for college admission.

For many students, who are financially unable to physically visit out of town and out of state schools, our Virtual College Summit allows them to meet admissions staff, faculty, alumni, and experience other campus resources in a virtual and remote environment.

(Expand for More Info):

We are increasing post-secondary education support by including trained guidance counselors, college advisors and financial aid navigators. We partner with community colleges and universities to develop creative arts creative entrepreneurship certificate and credential programs for students to explore various types of post-secondary options that will prepare them for future success.

Through our proprietary Academix ABC|123 model, we provide a guided process to introduce students to the fundamentals of business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Each student will learn how to develop their ideas from concept to completion, through experiential learning, project-based assignments, mentors, advisors and guest speakers.

Creative Entrepreneurship requires participants to fully understand how to determine and monetize their economic value, talents and creative works. Our program teaches the fundamentals of Creative Entrepreneurship by helping creatives make the transition from Artist to Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship, passion, perseverance, and ambition cannot be taught in a classroom like other subjects. Developing the disposition for imagination, disruption, and counterintuitive action required for effective entrepreneurship doesn’t generally fit into a typical K-12 public school curriculum defined by abstract analytical models and precise calculations.

We are excited to announce our Academix Certificate in Creative Entrepreneurship for the Entertainment industry in partnership with LMU Extension, which launches late Fall 2022.

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